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About Us

What initially started as an idea then became a project, and has now evolved to our Company. Go For It took life when fellow students, in a seminar, way into their careers, felt they needed to do more. There was more out there to explore, learn and even help others along the way. This is us.
We needed this change and freedom in the same way that we believe a lot of other people do as well. We wanted to conquer knowledge and forget about fear, stress or uncertainty. So, we went for it. We took a deep breath and created this Company to teach and be taught along the way, aiming to help others change the way they interact with their world, for the better. We are ready to welcome in our institute everyone who is willing to learn, explore, discover, who wishes to improve either in their business or life.

Focus and Expertise

With reliable, trained and experienced staff we visit your premises and through information-gathering and observation we identify your Company's organisation needs. We focus on restructuring your departments, drawing up procedures for their operation, drafting the necessary documents and aligning your disciplinary code with the Cyprus Legislation, and thus ensuring the consent of your staff.

Driven by Results

We remain at your disposal and support you for as long as necessary, supervising the way they are implemented, making interventions where necessary and participating in any disciplinary proceedings, until a healthy work culture is created in a pleasantly organized environment for the benefit of your company.

Our success is our satisfied customers who have supported us over the years

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